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The thought of organic gardening appeal to some as a pursuit especially those who have green fingers. This may not be everybody’s cup of tea so think yourself lucky if you are among those who can grow plants and vegetables out of the blue. Before you start organic horticulture, there are various things, that you need to be clear about, what is the type of land you have? What are you looking to grow? How are you going to take care of your plants?

All this might seem confusing to a novice but if you are an experienced hand, then these facets are already familiar to you, and you could comfortably start the organic way to grow things. This method of gardening is harder than regular gardening as much more drive and labor are needed to do it this way.

The crucial rule of organic gardening is that synthetic tools are used only when it is necessary and not otherwise. This includes using gardening ingredients like pesticides and plant foods. You can find from the earth what you require then use it for your organic venture into gardening. This would enable you to produce anything you wish, like plants, vegetables or any other green you wish. Are you getting the point? This is nothing but working with everything that is provided by nature.

Organic fertilizer

If you are wondering if this is at all possible, it is, and you are there to make it. You can perform composting on the materials found in your garden. Fallen leaves, twigs, and animal manure – all this can be used but will depend on the type, and other factors.

Organic Pesticides

It is not recommended to use synthetic pesticides in organic gardening. But if you can’t afford to pick the insects one by one with your bare hands, then you can go to your local market store and ask for an organic pesticide that is available commercially. The conventional way to go about it is to remain alerted and kill the worms and other insects, as soon as you see them. You should only use the organic pesticides when it gets too much and difficult – and you can no longer handle it. One way to find rid of pests is to invite animals that enjoy consuming the pests. You can read a lot about different methods of pest and wildlife control at This way you are saved the hassle of clearing the pests as well as satisfying some creatures appetite.

As is evident, all these things take up a lot of time and unless you can give as much time to this hobby, or find someone who can partner the responsibilities, it is wise to drop the thought altogether till such times that you are more organized with manpower and time. Organic gardening entails a lot of hard work, so you had better be prepared to perspire in the process. If you feel tired during the process, simply think about how much good you are doing to nature. This is an easy way to thank nature for all the right that has been presented to you since birth.

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